Sydney 2012!

Iaido and Jodo in Australia

The National Seminar & Championships

Each year the Australian Iaido & Jodo Seminar & Championships bring together members of affiliated Clubs from across the country to take part in a week of training, followed by the Australian Championships and a senior level grading in both arts.

In 2011 the Seminar, the 20th Iaido Championships and 11th Jodo Championships will be held in Melbourne, Victoria.

Training is guided by Oda Katsuo Sensei, 8 Dan Hanshi (Iaido Technical Adviser) and Nagayama Kuniaki Sensei, 7 Dan Kyoshi (Jodo Technical Adviser), together with senior members of the local Iaido and Jodo community.

24 - 30 Jan 2011
Melbourne Victoria

The Seminar & Championships ended on 30 January 2011.

We look forward to seeing you in Sydney in 2012.

Training & Accommodation

The Venue and Where to Stay

The State Netball & Hockey Centre

All Seminar sessions will be held at Melbourne's State Netball & Hockey Centre, a state of the art sports complex located in Bren's Drive, Royal Park, only 3km from the CBD. Melways Map 29 D12 or Map 2A H1.

Click here for a map of the local area on Google Maps.

Public Transport

SNHC is well serviced by public transport. Tram route 55 stops at SNHC (stop #24) and there are train services via the Upfield Line, stopping at Royal Park station, only 5 minutes walk away.


Parking on-site is available but sometimes limited in busy periods. There are 320 car parking spaces on site with an additional 330 spaces in the overflow areas adjacent.

The Quest Flemington

We have a special rate available at The Quest Flemington, a good serviced apartment complex only 2.6km from the venue.

The rate is only available for phone bookings made direct with the Quest. Please quote reference QFK3031 when you call.

The Quest Flemington is located at 600 Epsom Road, Flemington, at the corner of Epsom and Smithfield Roads.

Accommodation in Melbourne

There are a range of hotels, motels and apartments nearby or a short ride on the tram. The following links are a good place to start

How to Apply

Registration for the Seminar & Grading

Registration is open to all members of the Australian Kendo Renmei and International organisations affiliated with the All Japan Kendo Federation.

How to Register

Download and complete the Registration Form and Grading Application Form (if applicable), and send these along with payment to your State or International Co-ordinator listed below.

Please note, it is not possible to register direct with the Organising Committee.

Grading at the Event

The Grading will be held on Sunday 30th January 2011 for Dan Grade candidates.

  • Iaido: 1st Dan to 5th Dan.
  • Jodo: 1st Dan to 4th Dan (the availability of a 4th Dan Grading panel is still to be confirmed).


Key Dates

Aug012010 Registrations open

Dec312010 Closing date for standard fee applications, late fee applies after this date.

Jan152011 Final closing date for Seminar and Grading Applications.

Jan242011 2011 Seminar commences.

Seminar & Championship Costs

Item Cost
Full Registration (Monday to Sunday) $360
Seminar Only (Monday to Friday) $300
Seminar Day Rate If you are attending 3 days or less. $75
Item Cost
Championship Only (Sunday) $90
Seminar Dinner $60
Late Registration Fee For any registrations in January 2011. $50

State & Renmei Representatives

Location Representative Contact Info
For International enquiries or if no point of contact is listed for your location please contact the or your State Kendo Renmei.
ACT Damon Schearer
NSW Ruth Franklin
Qld David Kolb
SA Kristian Zirnzak
Tas Christine Cash
Victoria Marcus Lee-Steere
WA Peter Woolmer

Visiting Sensei and What's Happening When

Schedule & Seminar Information

The full schedule will be available closer to the event along with the final list of Sensei attending. The info below is taken from past Seminars as an example.

Schedule (Draft Only - Subject to Change)

Date AM PM Later
Mon 24 Jan Jodo IaidoSession includes Kendo Kata
Tue 25 Jan Iaido JodoSession includes Kendo Kata
Wed 26 Jan JodoIncluding Shimpan training IaidoSession includes Kendo Kata
Thu 27 Jan IaidoIncluding Shimpan training JodoSession includes Kendo Kata
Fri 28 Jan Jodo followed by Iaido Iaido & Jodo Board AGMsSensei sightseeingMarkup of shiajoDojo available for free training
Sat 29 Jan Iaido & Jodo Competitions Official Dinner
Sun 30 Jan Iaido & Jodo GradingsDan level candidates only

Sensei (Draft Only - Subject to Change)

Sensei Iaido Jodo Kendo
Oda Katsuo Hanshi 8 Dan Kyoshi 7 Dan
Nagayama Kuniaki Kyoshi 7 Dan Kyoshi 7 Dan Kyoshi 7 Dan
Ohara Tetsuo Kyoshi 7 Dan Renshi 6 Dan
Tsuchiya Hisao Kyoshi 7 Dan
Yazawa Natsume Renshi 6 Dan 4 Dan
Igarashi Keiji 3 Dan 3 Dan
Butsui Kazuko 1 Dan 3 Dan

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